About Us

About Us


we like to make things that make everyday life a little bit nicer


It all began in 2018, When the dream becomes reality, ZEN KESH settled in the heart of the old medina in the magic city of Marrakech .

The name ZEN KESH is divided into two sections, the section means beauty and the section means the place, the word ZEN in Arabic has the meaning of beauty, and the word KESH back to the last letter of the city of Marrakech

ZEN KESH is an independent store in Marrakech, owned and run by two creatives, MOHAMED AMINE & ESSAID, who combine their talents to create an inspiring shopping experience, welcoming you personally.

The two’s personalities are reflected in the space, which they like to think of as a special department concept store, offering a wonderful mix of pottery, bags, glass, fashion, sandals and unique shoes. The store also plays home to many exclusive products from ZEN KESH design.

High quality craftsmanship, traditional skills and excellent design are the benchmarks that ZEN KESH use to make the finest products. Behind every product is a story, whether it be about the maker, the material or the process, narratives are at the core of what we do.

our inspiration is come from every corner in the old medina of marrakech, the old walls, different colors in the souk, moroccan tiles and moroccan cultures,
We retain the traditional Moroccan touch in every piece and we present it in a modern way .

" Every object I create is driven by a love of subtle and sensual forms and a passion for design, making and focus in the details. "

Mohamed amine

" Our passion is design and makes products because is a stunning way to add instant glamour to your home. "


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